with the St Bernadette Club

The St Bernadette Club currently has up to 70 beneficiaries attending weekly activities supported by more than 30 volunteers (of all ages and skills backgrounds), including students from our local schools. New volunteers are always welcome, subject to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance.

What do our volunteers do?

The St Bernadette Club is a family of friends made up of people with disabilities (the beneficiaries) and those who support our aims (the volunteers). The Trustees are proud to operate an “open door” policy where everyone is equal. A warm welcome awaits you.

  • The most important thing you bring to the St Bernadette Club is your friendship and your time and you have an opportunity to take part in an interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile volunteering role.
  • Be part of a team, where everyone is equal, who act as facilitators and support Club activities.
  • You will always be supported by other volunteers, have opportunities for personal development and never be asked to do any task the Trustees would not do themselves.
  • If you join our team of volunteers you will be subject to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance.
  • You can claim out of pocket expenses as agreed with the Trustees.
  • Our volunteers contribute more than 4000 hours of unpaid goodwill each year.

Why become a volunteer with the Club?

St Bernadette Club has been running continuously since 1962 and some of our volunteers have been with us for the whole of that time.

You will be part of our Family of Friends supporting activities in an atmosphere of respect, friendship and camaraderie. Come and join us, you will receive a very warm welcome.

Younger volunteers from local schools, colleges and universities have gone on to use skills and experiences, first learned at the St Bernadette Club, in caring professions, some becoming GPs, others CEOs or even starting their own business in the caring sector. All are grateful for the support they received and still receive from the St Bernadette Club.

Volunteers often return after bringing up families or retiring from the work place.

How to become a volunteer

There is a huge amount of satisfaction to be gained by volunteering at the Club.  Why not come and visit us to see what we do and how you can help?

You can either turn up at St Albans Primary School on a Thursday evening, or if you email Ian or Josie at beforehand we’ll be ready to give you a warm welcome.