How we are funded

The St Bernadette Club is a voluntary organisation and as such receives no funding from statutory bodies.

The Trustees aim to have sufficient funds at the end of each financial year (31 December) to pay their creditors from their current assets and to have a Reserve Fund to meet the core costs of the forthcoming year.  This guarantees the continuity of Club activities and gives them peace of mind and security.

The Trustees submit an Annual Report to the Charities Commission and Compabies House as requested. Our returns are up to date.

Meeting our annual running costs depends upon the generosity of others by requesting grants from Trusts, Charitable Foundations, Big Lottery Community Fund, private donations and in-house fundraising for our survival.

The governors and head teacher of St Alban's Primary School fully support the aims of the St Bernadette Club and generously give their school premises for our use as their contribution to our running costs - a save to us of more than £8,000 each year if a hire charge were made. Furthermore, they have recently invited the Trustees to become key holders, meaning we can make use of the facilities during the long holiday periods. Without their generous support we would not have a home for our Club.

Our costs

It costs in the region of £17,500 to run our Club activities.

Our transport bill is high - £14,000 - but more than half of our beneficiaries (up to 40) are unable to travel independently. We hire 3 mini buses and a taxi to bring them to each Club session.

Other options rather than hire have been looked at - including buying, leasing, borrowing or sharing.

Each of these options has negative issues and cost implications

  • we would need a register of drivers and escorts
  • there's the risk of breakdowns or non-availability
  • we have to ensure safeguarding of our beneficiaries
  • we'd need to pay for maintenance, garaging and insurance
  • borrowed or shared transport does not always match our needs - we require a tailgate and seats need to be removable (four seats) to accommodate a wheelchair. Transport needs to be easily accessible and dependable to avoid last minute disappointment to our beneficiaries.

The advantage of our present set up is that Community Transport has a fleet of buses and regular drivers (all with DBS clearance) and there is a build up of trust and friendship. For example, our taxi driver has been with us for more than 30 years and if he is not available he arranges alternative transport.

Over the years it has become apparent that hiring is the best option to meet our needs. Beneficiaries travel from all areas of Newcastle upon Tyne and neighbouring North Tyneside. It means that they all arrive at the same time.  The transport also provides friendship and camaraderie and forms part of the whole night out enjoyment.

Would you like to become a benefactor?

The demand for our activities continues to grow.

Your generosity will help to provide support to some of the most disadvantages in the our community.

Please contact us if you would like to help. You can either email us at , or send us a contact form via our contact page.  Your generosity to us really would be much appreciated by all of our members.

Thank you.